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January 1, 2024

CloudBurst’s Flagship Next-Gen, Net-Zero Data Center Takes a Giant Step Forward

CloudBurst Data Centers, Inc., is pleased to announce it has secured a 75-acre site in the San Marcos area of Central Texas on which it will be building its flagship Next-Gen, Net-Zero colocation data center.

Cynthia Thompson, CloudBurst’s Chairperson, stated, “We’re thrilled to have found a site that is ideal in every respect for our planned construction of both the data center and its 20 – 30MW “behind-the-meter”, on-site solar farm. It’s also large enough to enable expansion from a single building to a campus delivering over 120MW, particularly if high-density racking and associated innovative cooling systems are installed to handle AI, machine learning (ML), robotics and IoT”.

CloudBurst’s flagship is scheduled to be “future ready” for business in late 2025 and its management team is pursuing an aggressive schedule to complete all planning, permitting and design work, ready to break ground in September of this year.

In addition to the 20-30MW of on-site solar, CloudBurst aims to add an additional eight 10MW distributed solar farms in and around Central Texas. Once completed, these will ensure the flagship operates on a truly Net-Zero basis.

Integral to the initial phase will be a “SuperLab”, to enable clients to undertake testing and development of data center technology solutions in a real-time, commercial environment, as well as an on-site CloudBurst Education Academy, which will be developed in conjunction with Guadeloupe County and participating education institutions in and around Central Texas.

Key Facts About the Site

The 75-acre site is ideal in every respect:

  • It has frontage on a major highway
  • A major electrical substation opposite handles three co-ops and five power providers
  • Seven fiber providers converge at the corner of the property
  • All major utilities are readily available
  • The site is cleared and, subject to the requisite planning and permitting, CloudBurst is ready to break ground.
  • It is within 50 miles of both Austin and San Antonio, and can service almost 21% of Texas, that’s over 5 million people, with minimal latency.
  • Austin/San Antonio vacancy rate is less than 2% (CBRE 2023)
  • Data Centers scheduled to open in 2 to 3 years are preleasing at over 70% of capacity


As of the New Year, CloudBurst has commenced discussions with the County and will be submitting initial plans this month, with permitting approval targeted for the end of February. They also expect to finalize and engage “best-in-breed” Data Center specialist architects, engineers, and builders by the end of January. The focus in the coming months will be to reach out to potential clients in the Austin/San Antonio and Central Texas areas to ensure the majority of the flagship capacity is leased prior to opening in 2025. CloudBurst’s colocation flagship will deliver a true Next-Gen, future-ready environment, designed from inception to be flexible and innovative.


CloudBurst’s colocation flagship will truly reflect the “shape of things to come”, and as such it will be designed and built with a true Net-Zero footprint, and an inherent flexibility to not only manage the ever increasing power loads and cooling requirements that come with the new emerging technologies of AI, ML, robotics and IoT, but also, with the ability to service the more traditional/conventional retail and wholesale clients.

The Texas data center is the first in a planned series of Next-Gen, Net-Zero data centers CloudBurst plans to design, build and operate, and will adhere to its strict philosophy of working hand-in-hand with the local, regional and national communities to build better, and to build for everyone’s benefits.

For more information, please contact Cynthia Thompson, Chairperson, CloudBurst Data Centers, Inc. 1001 Bannock St., Suite 451, Denver, CO 80204, USA, Email:

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