CloudBurst Data Centers


CloudBurst Data Centers, Inc., is a Colorado Corporation and we develop sustainable digital and “green” energy infrastructure that meets the growing demand of the next generation (Next-Gen) of AI and data-led enterprises. To be the leading premium provider of Next-Gen, Net-Zero Data Centers powered entirely by renewables with an emphasis on Value, Reliability, Innovation, Service, Efficiency, Sustainability, and Security.

Our goal is to design, build and operate a global network of highly secure, Tier III certified (or better), modular Data Centers creating minimal environmental impact and always staying within a true “Net-Zero” carbon footprint. That’s our statement of intent and means quite simply, we will generate at least as much green energy as we consume.

Network of Next-Gen Data Centers

Our network will comprise highly secure, Tier III certified modular Data Centers with a “Net-Zero” carbon footprint, designed to cater for Next-Gen AI/Machine Learning and conventional Cloud services supported with Renewables Management Services and leading-edge technologies.

Our Data Centers will serve the digital needs of our retail clients, e.g. tech startups, SMMEs, enterprises, and organizations worldwide, anchored by a growing number of wholesale clients including high-profile businesses, government and NGOs, and technology innovators and researchers pledged to Net-Zero practices.

Net-Zero Data Centers

With current energy prices soaring, managing power consumption and energy efficiency has become paramount. Power typically accounts for 40% to 50% and in some cases as much as 70%, of Data Center operational costs. Energy efficiency and PUE in particular, is more critical today than ever before. Local and federal authorities are also becoming increasingly aggressive in enforcing the use of green or renewable energy in all new, large projects, including Data Centers.

Our innovative solution to this never-ending demand for Data Center capacity is to ensure that our modular Data Centers are always Net-Zero. In other words, our Data Centers will always be powered entirely by green or renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, etc.).


Sustainability throughout our Data Center network and complementary power generation facilities will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring all facilities employ environmentally conscious designs
  • Using only carbon-neutral or recycled materials in construction
  • Recycling waste resources
  • Implementing rigorous, leading-edge, industry standards and management systems
  • Employing a Net-Zero strategy whereby we generate on site or nearby, more “Green” or renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, geothermal, etc.) than we consume in our daily operations and materials
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